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5 Must Know Tree and Shrub Disease Prevention Tips

You may have heard or experienced diseases that destroyed your beautiful shrubbery or trees. These diseases can attack any tree given the right conditions and environment.

As they say, prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, Fast created some quick and easy tips to help prevent these ailments from affecting your trees and plant ecosystem. Adhering to these steps may help improve the longevity of your trees and shrubbery.

1. Remove Visibly Deteriorated Trees and Shrubs

To stop the spread of diseases to healthy trees, prune limbs or remove decaying or dead trees. To ensure that the thread is totally removed, it is best to employ the services of an arborist or tree service to take down the tree even to its deepest root.

2. Keep Your Garden Clean

As often as possible, walk your landscape to keep yourself familiar with the condition of the trees, plants, and shrubs. This enables you to observe and detect changes in the color or condition of your trees and shrubs.

Remove fallen leaves from diseased trees and plants and keep your garden clean. Prune any affected branches and trees to keep infected organisms contained.

3. Protect Using Fungicides and Insecticides.

Spraying trees in your landscape with fungicides is a preventive measure to stop the spread of fungal diseases. Thus, the spread of Oak Wilt, fire blight and other diseases can be contained.

Insecticides also prevent spread of disease by attacking its carriers. When you kill the bugs and their eggs, naturally it prevents any contamination from spreading further.

Larva feed on the sapwood beneath the bark hence it is of utmost importance that they are controlled. Usually, they kill the tree as they mature and bore out through the bark.

4. Keep all Gardening Tools Clean

Wipe or spray clean all your tools (shovels, pruners, rake, etc.) to remove debris or any contaminating organisms. Use bleach or alcohol to thoroughly clean the tools used on any diseased trees and plants. This is good practice to do in general, but it’s critical in preventing the spread of diseases to healthy plants.
Clean gardening tools and landscape equipment

5. Make Yearly Arborist Inspections

To keep abreast with the condition of your landscape, schedule annual visits with the arborist as prompt detection and immediate response is key to improving the longevity of your trees. You will be notified of the best time for trimming or tree removal of any diseased trees. Visit https://www.fasttreeremovalatlanta.com/when-tree-pruning-cutting-emergency-removal-atlanta-ga for ideal times to inspect and perform tree services.

The Benefits of Trees for Homeowners

It is only natural for trees to get ill now and then. It is also known that trees are insects source of sustenance. With this in mind, sometimes, it is best to allow nature rule and take the full course.

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