Emergency Tree Removal Atlanta

Emergency tree removal is for when your tree situation just can’t wait. Often called the best tree service because we are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for same-day service, because nature doesn’t take a day off. Here are a few situations when Emergency Tree Removal is needed.

  • Removing tree branches fallen in on homes
  • A tree threatening to fall on a property
  • Fallen tree blocking driveway
  • Dealing with storm damage, debris or rubble
  • City or HOA citation requiring prompt emergency tree removal in Atlanta

Storm Season and Hazardous Trees in Atlanta

With its relative proximity to the Caribbean and Gulf Coast, Atlanta is known for its devastating storms. It seems that in recent years they have only gotten worse. The point of having an emergency tree removal service number readily on hand is that you never know when disaster will strike. A home may weather one storm and be fine, but the next storm may cause a tree to behave in an unpredictable manner. If you live in North Georgia you will still experience storms, so we established emergency tree removal in Johns Creek to serve north Georgia residents and businesses.

Benefit of Emergency Tree Removal Services

While it may be tempting to try and remove trees oneself in an emergency situation, this may be a recipe for simply exacerbating the situation. The problem is not necessarily in the lifting or hauling – the problem is that fallen trees and broken limbs exert a lot of pressure on the ground in uneven ways. Taking apart a fallen tree, especially a large one, could result in injury to life or property if it is not done using the proper methodology.

Our experienced team has many years of experience working emergency tree removal Atlanta situations, and they come at every problem with top-notch training, finely honed instincts and 100 percent commitment to safety. They can remove trees without causing further damage to a home or landscape

Tools of the Trade

Tools for managing serious tree removal and stump grinding projects include cranes or bucket trucks to facilitate the removal process. Cranes help to stabilize trees and allow tree removal professionals to work on all sides of the tree and get it out of the way of your house and your life. Many times a tree is too tall or perched at too precarious an angle reach with just a ladder, so a crane will help to get some leverage that might not otherwise be possible.

For immediate solutions to pressing problems involving emergency tree removal in Atlanta, we are your go-to guys. Give us a call or put www.fasttreeremovalatlanta.com in your contacts list today!

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