Stump Grinding Atlanta

After tree cutting or an emergency tree removal service, stump grinding is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of stumps from property without damaging the grounds. It is used for residential and commercial properties alike, and it allows for quick re-use of the space immediately following the process. If you’re sick of having unsightly tree stumps dotting your land, call us today for affordable, prompt stump grinding Atlanta services!

The Stump Grinding Process

Stump grinding is only done with the use of specialized equipment. After a tree cutting service, we use equipment to chip and grind the stump down to about 8 inches below ground level, leaving a shallow hole in the ground. For larger or more stubborn stumps, grinding machines may reach a depth of 24 inches, though this may result in additional charge.

In the stump’s place will be a coarse wood chip pile. Wood chips range widely in size and are spread up to 10 feet around where the stump used to be located. Many people opt to rake the wood chips back into the hole for a more even appearance.

What To Do With the Woodchips

There are different solutions for dealing with these woodchips following stump grinding Atlanta. Some people simply leave them and allow the weather to erode and gradually compost them back into soil. If new grass or planting is desired immediately, mulch should be shoveled out and replaced with topsoil. This mulch may then be used as ground cover over already-established trees or plants to help the soil retain moisture, reduce weeds and improve the aesthetic appearance.

Stump Grinding vs Stump Removal

A traditional way to remove tree stumps involves hitching up a heavy truck to a tree stump and pulling it completely out of the ground. However, this is dangerous for a number of reasons. First of all, it damages the soil and causes a need for a lot more work to make the property look presentable again. With stump grinding, all you have to do is rake or shovel a little bit, and it looks as though the stump was never there.

Second of all, you have to worry about damage to your vehicle in case the roots go deeper than expected. As tree trimming redirects resources, with stump grinding the roots will gradually die out as they have nowhere to send resources.

Despite this, there are some instances where stumps need to be dug up and removed, for instance for certain species of trees. In these cases, don’t risk it yourself. Count on a professional and give us a call today!

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