Tree Care

Will Cutting Off Dead Branches Help My Tree?

Are you concerned about the meaning and impact of dead branches on your tree? By knowing how and when to cut dead branches off of your tree, you can help it remain healthy and vibrant.
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Why Are My Tree’s Leaves Turning Black?

Don’t let your tree die when its leaves start turning black. Knowing what causes leaves to turn black and drop can help you spring into action, saving your tree and protecting your landscape. gathered the...
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Why Is My Tree Leaking Water

Avoid cutting down a healthy tree because of a misguided diagnosis. Wetwood is a common condition that could lead to grave tree health problems but is more beneficial than you might think. gathered information on...
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Deforestation Causes, Effects, and Solutions

Every human, tree, and animal will die if deforestation continues at its current pace. Climate change and global warming are partially driven by ongoing deforestation worldwide, and with no end in sight, we are at a...
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How do I Know If My Tree Is Dying

A dying tree is not always obvious, but not knowing the signs is dangerous and may pose a grave risk to people and structures around it. If you can distinguish a troubled or dying tree, you...
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How Trees Recover from Wounds and Pruning

Every time you improperly prune your tree, you could be killing it. However, as soon as you make the cut, your tree begins a long and fantastic recovery process. Trees don’t heal, they seal. Compartmentalization is...
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