Tree Care

5 Exotic Fruit Trees for Zone 7 Landscapes

Avoid growing boring tree species in your zone 7 landscape. Knowing which exotic fruit trees to plant will provide you and your loved ones with years of conversation pieces and loads of incredible tasting fruit.
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9 Landscape Edging Ideas for Your Atlanta GA Yard

Remedy your dull or sloppy-looking yard. Learning how edging defines, benefits your yard, and seeing different ideas will help you get the right edging installed. gathered information about how edging benefits your yard and some of the types you can...
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How To Fix Drainage Issues in Your Yard

Prevent ponding and unwanted water puddles from forming in your yard. Knowing how to correct drainage problems in your yard will help you prevent structural property damages while improving the health of your grass, plants, shrubs,...
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Are Woodpeckers Bad for Trees?

Don’t let the non-stop pounding of a woodpecker get under your skin. Knowing how woodpeckers interact with and use trees will help you further understand them. gathered information on the impact woodpeckers have on trees,...
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5 Common Ash Tree Diseases and Pests

Prevent disease and pest infestation from killing your ash tree. Knowing how to recognize when your ash tree is in trouble will help you get the right help to try and save it. gathered information...
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7 Native Shrubs for Georgia Landscapes

Prevent planting shrubs or small trees that can’t survive Georgia’s weather. Knowing which shrub species are native to Georgia will help you cultivate a flourishing landscape. gathered information on 7 shrubs native to the state...
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How Long Do Trees Live

Avoid planting trees that lack the longevity you want for your landscaping, yard, or garden project. Knowing how long tree species live will help you plant the right tree in the right place. gathered information...
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Tree Conservation – What is it & What Can I Do

Prevent out of control flooding, topsoil erosion, and a loss of wildlife in areas with depleted tree populations. Knowing the benefits of tree conservation and how you can participate in these efforts can help your conservation...
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How To Tell If My Tree Is Dead

Prevent catastrophic damage and injury resulting from a fallen dead tree. Knowing how to determine whether your tree is dead or not will help you make informed decisions on what to do before it can cause...
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