Tree Care

Why Is the Bark Peeling Off My Tree?

Picture this: you’re strolling through your yard or a nearby park, and you spot tree bark peeling away in substantial chunks, revealing the wood underneath. If you’ve come across this scene before – something we’ve witnessed...
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Flowering Dogwood Trees – Everything You Need to Know

Need help determining if flowering dogwoods are the right trees for your Dunwoody, Georgia yard? Understanding flowering dogwood’s care requirements and growth habits will help determine if this beautiful tree species fits your property’s landscape.
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Tree Root Damage Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Concerned about your tree roots and how to protect, treat, and help prevent them from dying? Understanding how root damage can result in severe tree health problems will motivate you to pay more attention to what happens below your tree....
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Annual Tree Maintenance in Atlanta Georgia

Keep diseased, infested, and dying trees from causing catastrophic damage when they fall. Understanding how to maintain your trees as they mature and age will help keep them healthy and thriving for generations. gathered the...
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How to Stop Erosion on Your Property

Need help keeping erosion from stripping away your property’s fertile soil? Knowing how soil erosion happens can help you make changes to your property’s landscape and preserve its crucial topsoil. gathered the following information to...
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The Best Ground Cover Plants

Need help deciding which plants will cover difficult landscapes or areas where grass won’t grow? Knowing which plants will cover shaded, overly moist, or barren areas in your landscape will help prevent erosion and keep unwanted weeds...
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5 Best Trees for Pollinators

Not knowing the best tree pollinators can leave your garden or landscape underutilized, vulnerable to less growth or even barren. Knowing which trees attract and are most beneficial to pollinators will help you plant tree species that support...
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What Happens When Lightning Strikes a Tree

Prevent catastrophic damages to your property and person when a tree suffers a lightning strike. Knowing what happens to a tree when lightning strikes it will help you spring into action before it can cause a life-threatening situation....
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